Initially, Dark Siren will be available in PDF format in two sizes, A4 and U.S. Letter.

PDF is a cross-platform format and can be read on both Windows and Macintosh with the free Reader program from Adobe (see Specimen Chapter page). Other formats for hand-held devices may be made available should there be sufficient demand.


I would like to acknowledge the invaluable information on the NSA gleaned from two excellent books by James Bamford, Body of Secrets and The Shadow Factory. Thanks also to Murray Rankin for his help and technical advice regarding internet crime and surveillance techniques, Michael Thumann on hacking issues in Second LifeŽ, Mike Sawyer for his invaluable comments on the intelligibility of the plot to non-Second Lifers, Kookaburra Air for permission to use the Cessna photo on the website, Scott Alexander for his insights into the lesser known aspects of police interrogation, and Renate Ogilvie for her help with editing and publishing matters. Last, but not least, I would like to thank my wife Sally for her forebearance and advice during the two years that this project has been in the making.
Clifford Wycliffe, July 2009